Ground maintenance contract out to tender

The ground maintenance contract for Beeley is currently out for tender.  If you would be interested in tendering the specification is:



Beeley is a picturesque country village situated on the Chatsworth Estate.  Maintenance of this village has been by contract since 2009.  Areas that need maintaining are the Playing Field, Church car park and footpaths.


The different areas of the village that need maintaining can be broken down as follows:

Playing Field

  • To mow and keep the field in good order to play on (more in the main growing season than out of season)
  • To strim around play equipment, rubbish bin, bank and field edges
  • To trim back plants growing over the wall with the footpath

Car Park

  • Mow grass areas as required
  • Keep car park surface sprayed off of weed
  • Keep beds either side of gate weeded and trimmed back to kerb stones


  • To remove leaf from the footpaths around the triangle in the centre of the village, by the Church and along school lane
  • To strim the footpath along the brook between the corner of the road and the cul de sac and to clear the steps to the brook

We expect the contractor to supply appropriate equipment and comply with relevant Health and Safety requirements.

If you would like to be shown around the village to understand the specification further please contact the Clerk on 01629 732365.


Beeley Parish Council is a small Council with a small precept and so this needs to be borne in mind when tendering.

Tender to be returned to the Clerk by Saturday 7th January 2017 either by email to or post to Brooklands, Beeley, Matlock, Derbyshire DE4 2NR

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